Hello, I'm wpBob, your meticulous WordPress Maintenance Provider & on-call Blogger!

  • Delegate all your WordPress core upgrades, plugin updates, security patches and theme updates to me and I'll keep your site tip-top and up-to-scratch.

  • My WordPress Maintenance service includes scheduled weekly backups of your entire website and database, 24/7 up-time monitoring & monthly security audits.

  • Love to write but hate formatting posts? My WordPress Maintenance package includes up to 5 content updates. Trust wpBob for prompt, painless blogging.

wpBob WordPress Maintenence Service Features

Scheduled Updates

WpBob is your go-to guy for WordPress core updates, security fixes and plugin updates, ensuring your system is running at optimum level at all times.

Cloud Backups

Trust wpBob & the Cloud. We back-up your content, images and database every week & keep multiple copies. Backups are stored safely via Amazon S3 Storage.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We monitor & maintain the uptime status of your site.  Should an outage occur, you'll be notified immediately & wpBob will get cracking to get you live again!

Unlimited Theme Updates

Are you using a premium theme? WpBob will download& apply the changes to your website as soon as they are released, ensuring that you always have the very latest features & updates!

Up to 5 Content Updates

WpBob is your on-call blogger. Simply email us your copy & images. We will log onto your site & correctly format, SEO optimize, categorize & publish your news!

Monthly Traffic Analysis

WpBob sends you detailed monthly reports on your website traffic, visitors, page impressions & much more. All neatly delivered to your mailbox every month.

Monthly Security Audits

Security flaws, malware, trojan viruses, sql injections...the web can be a dangerous place. Rest assured though, wpBob's regular security audits keep you safe, and the baddies at bay.

Spam Comment Cleanups

WpBob absolutely detests spam! We setup anti-spam systems to block 99.9% of web spam, & we manually delete the stubborn ones that occasionally slip through!

No Commitments

WpBob will never lock you into any long-term contracts. Safe & secure credit card payments are done on a month-to-month basis. Feel free to cancel our service at anytime!

WordPress Maintenance Pricing

One affordable package, month to month with no long-term commitment

wpBob WordPress Maintenance Service

Get these amazing features for only $28 per month

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Theme Updates
  • Weekly Off-Site Website Backups
  • Weekly Off-Site MySql Database Backups
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Monthly Traffic Analysis
  • Monthly Security Audit
  • Spam Comment Cleanups
  • Up to 5 Content Updates
  • Month to Month Subscription
$28 Per Month


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